Awesome Tech Camps for Middle Schoolers

Summer is fast approaching, and parents have only one question on their minds: what are my kids going to do until school’s back in session? Of course, not just anywhere will do; while getting them out from underfoot might be the top priority, it’d be nice if they learned a thing or two, or had a bit of fun, or even both!

If you have any tech-crazy middle schoolers in your brood, we’ve got a few spots for you to ship them off and set them up for the best summer they’ve ever had! …And maybe even for a career that will support you in style in your golden years.

CEISMC Summer PEAKS at Georgia Tech

It’s a mouthful of acronyms and a week full of fun for each of the programs offered by the (deep breath) Center for Education Integrating Mathematics, Science & Computing Summer Programs for Enrichment and Accelerated Knowledge in S.T.E.M. (SCience, Technology, Engineering and Math).

I feel smarter already!

Titles aside, the day-camp workshops offered on the Georgia Tech campus are a great way to introduce your middle schooler to a bunch of tech careers and activities, or to take their existing interests and really fan the flames. With programs in architecture, industrial design, digital storytelling, and loads more, they’re bound to find something that’s up their alley. Most programs aren’t concurrent, so they can even sign up for several over the course of the Summer.

iD Tech Camp’s Alexa Cafe

Alexa Cafe Tech CampiD Tech runs tons of STEM programs throughout the country with a variety focuses, but the all-girls Alexa Cafe tech camps are among our favorites. Middle School can be an awkward time for everyone, and removing certain pressures and distractions while giving girls a fun place to pursue their tech interests is exciting.

Situated on college campuses throughout the country girls ages 10-15 will find the perfect environment for engaging their tech skills and their creativity in areas like web design, programming, filmmaking, game design, and more. Hands-on instruction from an all-female faculty of tech professionals and academics will help empower and enrich your daughter’s involvement in the tech world.

And if you don’t find just what you’re looking for at Alexa Cafe, be sure to check out iD Tech’s other summer camps for both boys and girls.

Emagination Computer Camps

4ffb53f9c978aca1eb18e8d7faaddd79Blending traditional overnight summer camps with modern nerdom (the cool kind), Emagination Computer Camps provide middle school campers with tons of outdoor activities as well as workshops in 3D design, website design, RC cars and robots, and more. In the evening, kids can gather for games of D&D, field sports, LARPing, or just hanging out.

Emagination’s camps are overnight affairs, and can be found in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania. They’re a great way to give your kids (and yourselves) that away-from-home experience without taking away their electronics, and in fact encouraging them to take a more active role in shaping their digital world.

You know our attitude here: tech is something to be embraced, not limited. Why pine for the summer camps of yore when there are so many opportunities to give them the same experience with a modern twist? Check out these tech camps with your middle schooler, and we’d be surprised if sparks didn’t fly.

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