5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Vacation

Vacation is all about unwinding, but you don’t have to unplug. In fact, today’s technology can help make your vacation more relaxing and more enjoyable than ever, no matter what it is you want to do or where it is you want to go. Here are five ways you can use technology to give you a worry-free vacation that recharges your batteries and gets you plugged back in rarin’ to go.


Before you even leave your home, technology can make your next vacation the best one yet. You, your significant other, and any other traveling companions can use apps like Fetchnotes and other communication tools to compare and choose things to do without a lot of confusing back-and-forth. Apps like Tripit make multi-stop vacations a breeze, centralizing all of your tickets and schedules to keep your plans in order.


Leaving your home unattended for weeks a time used to be a major vacation stressor, but with all of the available smarthome technology those worries are a thing of the past. Turn lights on and off on a schedule or whenever you choose, monitor a house- or pet-sitter’s comings and goings, and even check in on video feeds to make sure things are A-OK at home. For wintertime vacations, you can even turn faucets on and off to prevent frozen pipes and the problems they can cause.


Plan on spending your vacation sitting out in the sun? Technology has made it all but completely risk-free with nanotechnology sunscreen that provides an almost complete barrier against UV rays. With zinc oxide or titanium dioxide particles that spread out to just 5-10 nanometers thick, you won’t feel the sunscreen at all despite the superior protection it provides.


208d7b2b5b03db5e842a755718329bb7From affordable and robust portable solar panels to quick-charging plug-in USB battery packs that fit in your pocket, there are loads of options for keeping your devices powered if your vacation takes you away from civilization for awhile. Hike all day using your phone’s GPS or spend a few days camping out in the wilderness, without your devices going dead and without adding undue weight and bulk to your pack.


For many, a vacation is the only time available to catch up on all the reading you’ve been meaning to do. With the portable power supplies described above, an e-reader, and possibly a WiFi hotspot—with available 4G and/or satellite connectivity—you can bring along the world’s library and read everything on your list and then some. You’ll also be able to keep up with the news, if you want, or ignore the outside world altogether and lose yourself in an epic work of fiction. Or you can use your vacation to write your own novel, put it up on Amazon, and come back home a best-selling author and millionaire. Your vacation won’t ever have to end, and it’s all thanks to technology!

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5 Ways Technology Can Help You Have a Better Vacation





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