5 Free Sites With Great Science Games For Kids

Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, on a road trip with a 4G-connected tablet, or just want some handy online options that mix education and entertainment, we’ve got five sites with science games for kids you need to check out—and they’re all free! Whatever science subjects your kids are into (or are struggling with), they’re sure to find something appealing…

Sheppard Software

Sheppard ScienceThe science learning at Sheppard Software starts with illustrated articles at an easy reading level, but it sure doesn’t end there. A wide selection of games on every science topic you can imagine—from animal identification to digestion to oceanography and beyond—is ready to fill your kids’ heads with interesting facts that will make for lively dinner-table conversation. Their games start at the preschool level and go up from there, ensuring that kids of all ages will find more than a few science games to enjoy.


NeoK12 is so chock-full of educational games and material that it might be a bit tough for younger kids to navigate on their own, but once they get to the right science games they’ll be having a blast and learning way more than they usually get in elementary school. From electromagnetism to microorganisms, comets to deserts, simple machines to the complexities of the human body, NeoK12 has plenty of everything. There are games and articles on non-science topics, too, making this a great site for online educational games of all varieties.

Kids Science Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.05.35 PMFunded in part by the National Science Foundation, the Kids Science Challenge is meant to encourage gets to get active in applying science to the problems society faces, and to get them engaged in science careers. Their website includes a bunch of games with the same basic purpose, helping kids not only understand scientific theories and mechanisms, but helping them apply science to their everyday lives. Kids learn more and remember longer when they see science at work, and these science games are accomplish this with ease.

PBS Kids

PBSkids.comThe science games at PBSKids.org pair your kids’ favorite characters with the educational activities you want them engaged in, getting them hooked right off the bat and eager for more. If you want to get your toddler’s science learning off to an early start, this site is a great place to begin. Space, gravity, muscles, crystals, wildlife—they’re all covered in games that are designed for young kids to play and enjoy on their own (though some might need a bit of assistance at first). And the best part is they can get their TV character fix without you hearing the same theme song twenty times!


The Kids.gov site has a bunch of learning games and resources in all areas, and their science section helps kids get to understand environmental stewardship, explore energy issues, and blast off into space. There’s an emphasis on science as it’s practiced in the real world, with games that simulate the decisions made by groups like NASA, the National Forest Service, and others—no politics, but a real look at the various facts and considerations that go into managing our resources and marshalling our scientific knowledge.

These are just a few of the sites around the web with free science games for kids. Know of one you like even more? Share them with us on our Facebook Page!