3 Educational Websites Your Kids Will Love

With so much written about keeping our kids safe online, it can seem like the web is a place best left to the grown-ups. While there’s no question that good safety and privacy habits should be taught, there are also plenty of fun and educational websites for kids that you can let them loose on worry-free.

Here are three of our—and our kids’—favorite educational websites. They make learning fun, and they let kids know that the Internet can be safe, useful and enriching instead of a scary place full of people out to get them.

Cool Math

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 12.02.17 AMFrom pre-algebra to calculus, and with sister sites aimed at even younger kids, Cool Math will help your kids build their math skills and their love of numbers. The site design seems a little retro, but frankly I kind of like that—the focus is entirely on making math fun for kids; it’s about education, not advertising or add-on purchases.

Depending on how skilled your kids are at navigating the web, you might need to help them pick the right games for their abilities the first couple of times, but once they master the basics they shouldn’t have any problem taking charge of their own math education. And because this website offers math games from elementary through high school levels, they’ll be able to progress as far as they’d like at their own pace.

BBC History for Kids

While we mig6d8ef18ea8711a02687a4978f5417de427413218ht take issue with their warm beer and 21st-century monarchy, the Brits definitely know a thing or two when it comes to world history. At BBC Hisory for Kids, kids will find more than just text a video describing different periods and places of human development. This web site makes education interactive with games and puzzles that help refine and reinforce kids’ knowledge of different cultures and civilizations that came before our own.

You might want to steer your kids to the Ancient History and World History sections of the site; there’s also a lot of great information on the history of the United Kingdom and its constituent parts, but these might be less relevant to what your kids are learning about in school. Still, if they’re enjoying the games, a little extra education surely isn’t going to hurt.

Make Me Genius

Though it isn’t quite as interactive, Make Me Genius is a great site to supplement your kids’ science education. The videos are entertaining and presented in a way that target age groups can understand without talking down to them or treading into complete cornball territory. Quizzes provide Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.55.10 PMimmediate feedback to let your kids (and you) see how well they’re absorbing the information.

While we can’t guarantee that Make Me Genius will turn your child into the next Einstein—or better yet, the next Elon Musk—it’s bound to get them more interested in science, and will teach them a thing or two, too.

Don’t let fear and internet paranoia from taking advantage of the educational opportunities the web has to offer. These three sites are just the tip of the iceberg; let your kids explore and see what else they can find!

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